Indoor Courts to Re-open from Monday 27th July 2020

Further to The LTA’s ( extremely vague ) Covid 19 update last week, on the subject of a date for Indoor Courts being permitted for use again and despite speaking to them on Friday and today, we still can’t get a firm date, we have decided to go with our own interpretation of The Government’s rules on Gyms and Indoor tennis and reopen our indoor carpet courts on Monday 27th July 2020.

The carpet courts are now available to be booked online for the week commencing Monday 27th July.

The position on the bubble is slightly less clear, firstly due to the fact that air particles are blown around the building, which may potentially increase infection and secondly we noticed there has been some substantial damage to the bubble, due to hockey members vaulting the locked fence to retrieve hockey balls, ripping the double skin in the process, which will now need repairing.

Once we get proper advice on the nature of the bubble’s airflow in relation to Covid-19 we will make a further announcement.   

If The LTA advise at any stage that we can reopen the indoor courts earlier than the 27thJuly, we will of course let you know.

With more courts available, we are now increasing The Club Programme further too with new sessions being reintroduced from Monday 27th July.

New Sessions:-

Tuesday 10am       -  Group Coaching

Wednesday 7am   -  Breakfast Tennis

Wednesday 9am   - Cardio Tennis

Sunday 10am         - Cardio Tennis   

The Group Coaching sessions will generally remain OUTSIDE as we are allowed more people on outdoor courts than indoors, so it’s sensible in July and August to keep The Club Programme outside initially and if bad weather, we may be able to move some sessions with smaller attendances inside on the day.  

** Please could anybody with outdoor courts booked on the day / time they book an indoor court, can you ensure that you don’t reserve BOTH indoors and outdoor courts at the same time and ask if you could cancel one or the other.  Thank you **