Choose Your Colours


We are happy to announce we have agreed to have the 4 outdoor courts repainted. We are unable to announce an exact date due to still not knowing when the indoor courts will be open to all member categories and we really don’t want to close the outdoor courts for a few days unless we have indoor back up, ( especially after the last year of inconsistencies ) but we wanted members to know they are being done and we will let you know the exact date as soon as we can.

We want your input into the courts colours too !! and welcome your suggestions.

These days you can have more a less any colour combinations for tennis courts ranging from a block of solid colour for both the playing surface and back runs, to a bright court surface with a different colour back and sides.

To narrow it down we have chosen a number of examples of court colours and ask for member input as to what you’d like to see for your courts and we’ll take into consideration all the opinions.

Maria has organised a Twitter Poll where you can respond with your court colour preferences. Click here to cast your vote.

You can also just drop us an e-mail at     

Choose the courts' colours