Indoor Bubble & Club Pro Shop to Re-Open

We are pleased to announce that after two weeks of solid work on the bubble repairing tares / floods / Court damage and heavy duty cleaning, the Indoor Bubble Courts will now re-open on Monday 10th August 2020 and can now be booked online..

The Club would like to thank you for your patience while we carried out the repairs and to also especially thank two members who have helped The Club with this project, in Graham Edgely ( who has worked tirelessly to help us repair the dome ) and Jonathan Brammer, who generously supplied us with the canvas materials to enable the repairs, plus the reception staff who have all really got stuck in to help us and it's great to have such a good and willing team !!  

It's been a long slog getting the dome ready again after the shock of seeing how much damage had been caused but we will have finished all the work later this week and have them back open next Monday.


Club Shop:-  The Club has been informed that Deuce UK will be open again from Tuesday 4th August. At this time we haven't been   given any further information, but we believe that the shop will be operating an Appointment Only basis by contacting Adam or Penny and arranging a visit directly with them.

For any further details, please contact Penny Jameel on 07979 692645 Adam Jameel on and they will confirm how The Shop will be operating moving forwards.