The Bubble gets a rest !

After nearly 10 years of constant hard work, we're giving the bubble a couple of weeks off !! and saving some electric too. Since 2008 when the bubble was first erected, its only been down once, when we were hit with some very heavy snow and it collapsed under the sheer weight Other than that the generator has worked 24/7 for just under 100,000 hours !!! We will re-inflate in it a couple of weeks, so any members with electrical or engineering qualifications..... Please be on stand by !! TeamAbbeydale

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“I have been at Abbeydale Tennis Club since I was 8 years old, the coaching is fantastic and the staff are so friendly, the whole club has an amazing atmosphere. I would recommend Abbeydale to anyone who is considering joining, especially if they are looking for some coaching, simply the best club in Sheffield.”


“It has been a fantastic experience playing tennis at Abbeydale Tennis Club. You can find all that you need regarding tennis lessons, it's a special and very friendly place with professional coaches.”


“It's not just a club it's a second family.”


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