Permitted Tennis Activity Update from 12/04/21

Further to this weeks discussions between The Lawn Tennis Association ( LTA ) and The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport ( DCMS ), we are now in a position to update members on the latest easing of restrictions for tennis as part of The Government's Roadmap, with effect from April 12th 2021. 

As well as the current rules allowing all tennis activities on outdoor courts, for the period April 12th to May 16th 2021, there will now be some limited indoor tennis allowed.

Permitted Indoor Tennis Activity:

  • Individual Coaching for both Adults & Children
  • Children U18 Groups ( up to a maximum of 15 per court / group )
  • Parent & Child Groups ( up to a maximum of 15 per court / group )
  • Singles & Doubles for adults from THE SAME HOUSEHOLD / BUBBLE ONLY
  • All Disabled Tennis Activity
  • Changing Rooms may re-open but use should be avoided or minimised where possible
  • The Café may open, but offering a take away service to outdoor seating only (subject to the rule of six ) including alcohol 

Face coverings must be worn when passing through any area of The Tennis Club 


NOT Permitted Indoor Tennis Activity

  • Adult Group Coaching 
  • Singles and Doubles for Adults, for people not of the same household / bubble.
  • Social Tennis
  • Tennis Clubhouses must remain closed ( except for access to courts & toilets )

                    Face coverings must be worn when passing through any area of The Tennis Club 

While we all want to play our part and see an end to this pandemic, The Club's view is that the inconsistencies in above rules are now ridiculous and while Snooker can seat a few thousand people watching the World Championships in front of a full house and gyms can house 60 people from different households in a building smaller than an indoor court and shops can reopen, tennis players are prevented from playing the socially distant & healthy sport they love indoors for another 4 weeks ( unless accompanied by a coach, which puts an extra body on the court ? )

However, these are the rules we have been given and despite our personal views, we have to adhere to what The DCMS and LTA have passed down to Clubs for the next month despite our frustrations, but we are assured that the next easing of Lockdown on May 17th, will see Tennis Club's able to use indoor courts for all categories. 

The slight easing of conditions, allowing children back indoors and individual tennis lessons, will at least give far better availability for the outdoor courts for members. 

The LTA state they are still in dialogue with The DCMS and if any conditions are altered, we will of course immediately let you know.

Best Wishes

Team Abbeydale


Please find below the link to The LTA's Permitted Tennis Activity Summary Grid and LTA's Statement of 9th April 2021.

LTA Permitted Tennis Activity Summary Grid - ( 9th April 2021 version )


LTA Statement of 9th April 2021.

" The LTA is disappointed that The Government has decided that socially distant individual sports like tennis and badminton are unable to resume indoors for adults from different households under the Step 2 restrictions. From this same date, individuals will be able to circulate in proximity in shops and other indoor locations, however they will not be able to play singles tennis. 

While we understand the priority needs to remain on preventing the spread of the virus, we believe that tennis is a fundamentally safe and naturally socially distanced activity incomparison to a trip to the shops or hairdressers, with it taking place on a court of over 500m2 with a net as a physical barrier between players. Preventing adult indoor singles from taking place is therefore an unnecessary restriction at a time when every extra week that venues can book out courts will help them repair some of the damages to their finances they have experienced through the pandemic, and when the importance of the nation getting back to being active has never been greater.

The LTA remains in dialogue with the Government and has requested that the decision bereviewed to ensure that singles tennis for adults can resume indoors from Monday, in line with other leisure activities."

Abbeydale Tennis Club Ltd