New Adult Tennis Programme Booking System Launched !

We are thrilled to announce we have just launched our New Adult Tennis Programme Booking System.

For a number of years we've been using The LTA's own Booking software ( ClubSpark ) for all our court and Club Programme bookings, but after listening to members feedback, their system was slow, not always reliable and limited in some ways, such as members not being able cancel classes themselves online, no overall view of all your class bookings, and no formal waiting lists.

Our member Rudi ( Boutinaud ) offered to help us with designing us a bespoke Club Programme Booking system that will run parallel to our Tennis Court Booking system, but will be far better.

We have the advantage of Rudi being a member and therefore uses the systems and understands both, The Club's and The members needs, which has resulted us to having a system that works equally well for both members and Club staff.   

This system incorporates all the features that our old system had, but also offers members the extra features of being able to book onto a waiting list if a course gets full, and then be notified via e-mail when you are allocated a place in that group. If you need to cancel your place in a group session, you will now be able to do so online, just as easily as booking yourself on a group session.

Members will now have their own "View my Bookings" page, where you will be able to see a record of all the classes you have booked on and make amendments from there if needed.

Finally, you will find everything is now much quicker and more reliable for you all.                    

How to Use -  The Booking is easy to use and can be accessed through The Tennis Club's Website ( )    

On the top right hand side of each Webpage, there is a Green button called Club Programme and when you click on that, you will be taken to Abbeydale Tennis Club's Club Programme Booking Portal, which opens up to a list of our classes.

To Access the Booking pages, each member will have their own individual Log in and if you have used ClubSpark previously to book courts and classes, we have migrated your details onto the new system.

When you Log in for the first time, use the e-mail you gave The Club as your User Name and currently your password is set to: tennis123

As soon as you are safely logged in, we recommend you immediately change the password for one of your own in your profile page (, to prevent anybody else using your Booking Account.

Once you have started using The Club Programme Booking system, you will see how easy and quick it is, but should you need any help setting things up or notice some issues please contact Rudi !  - No please contact reception either on or 0114 236 1938 and we'll help you navigate your way round things.

Please could all members just double check  all your bookings for the next two weeks ahead,  just to ensure your bookings have all been migrated from the old to new system.

Finally a HUGE thanks to Rudi for all the time and effort he has spent on designing and developing this new Club Booking Programme for our members and when we all see how good it is, we'll be leaning on him heavily to help modernise us even more!  

Kind Regards