Dates for Outdoor Court Repainting

We now have a new provisional date for the 4 Outdoor Tennis Courts to be repainted.

Our original date was mid May, but due to the horrendous weather this month, we kept getting pushed back each week and now the date we have been given is the week commencing 14th June 2021.

We haven’t got an exact schedule of dates and times for the work to be carried out, so we have blocked out the outdoor courts for the whole week Monday - Saturday so they aren’t bookable, but once they are on site and we see some courts finished early, we will release courts to open again at the earliest opportunity to members.

While having the courts repaired and repainted is necessary and long overdue, we are aware of the disruption it will cause for those 7 days, but at least with having the indoor courts back available, we should be able to cope ( as we did when we had just the outdoor courts only )  

However, there will obviously be a small amount of disruption as we try and fit bookings from 8 courts onto 4 courts at during a busy period, but we will try and manage this by reducing the Club Programme at busy times, lessening coaching courts and moving what else we can to off peak times.

We ask for members cooperation and patience during that week ! and sure it will be worth it when you have fantastic Wimbledon Coloured new courts for the summer ( if and when summer arrives )

These dates are still potentially moveable as we are in a queue of Club’s and each rainy day that prevents courts elsewhere to be completed, we could also get moved back, but we will keep you fully informed of all court closures.

The week before the courts are repainted, they will need some access to clean a few areas in preparation and this may mean a few cancellations once we have a firm date for that.

The court colours on all four courts is Dark Purple Inner and Dark Green Outer after it was the overwhelming preference of members who gave us feedback.